I'm born!


I graduate from my high school in Belgium

I start my bachelor’s degree in Creative Technology at the University of Twente. I will learn how to take an idea from brainstorm to prototype and create a business model around it


I spend a semester abroad in Sweden to follow courses in computer science 🇸🇪


I finish my bachelor's degree

I start my master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design at the EIT Digital Master School. This is a program that combines a technical degree from two different universities with courses and a summer school on business & entrepreneurship. My first year is at the University of Twente


Summer school in Trento on cybersecurity & privacy 🇮🇹

I move to Paris for the second year of my master program at the Université Paris-Saclay 🇫🇷


6-month internship at the design department of Groupe Renault. I worked on the UX design of the next-generation infotainment system and executed my own project.

I obtain my master's degree with honors from EIT Digital


I start Open eSBK with some friends

I start my blog and write articles about the intersection of cars, design, and technology

I move to Amsterdam and start as Interaction Designer at Mirabeau 🇳🇱


I move back to Paris and start as a UX/UI Designer at Goodpatch where I work on automotive projects 🇫🇷

Right after their Series C funding, I join Aircall as Product Designer

In my spare time, I like to run, travel, and take photos. Here are some of my latest pictures.

You can find more of my pictures on my Flickr